Archetypes In Hamlet Essay

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On the second poster cover for the Hamlet movie, there is a white skull encompassed by a body of black water; there is also a crown floating above the skull’s head. In the poster, the skull is of Prince Hamlet, and the archetype of the crown above his head shows his shortcoming of being king of Denmark and the theme of power and birthright. Another archetype depicted by the poster is the water surrounding the skull; though the water is black, it also shows rebirth. The employment of these symbols is the poster irradiates the archetypes of the colors white and black, the skull, and the crown and their symbolic meanings of power, death, and purity. Crowns are archetypical symbols of royalty. In this particular poster, the crown emblematizes the theme of the struggle for power and birthright. These are two of the central themes of the play, Hamlet. The struggle for power is animate in Claudius. Claudius admits to assassinating his own brother for the income of power while praying. This demonstrates Claudius’ motives for killing the king. Deprived of this motive, there would be no struggle for power and Hamlet would instantly gain power as king of Denmark. Throughout the play, it has the…show more content…
In the poster, the black water symbolizes the theme of death in the play and the demise of Hamlet. Hamlet’s death is salient in the play and it is advantageous to the other posters in this way. As Hamlet dies, Horatio offers to die with Hamlet, but Hamlet instructs him otherwise by telling him to retell his story. Hence, without Hamlet’s death, there would not even be a Hamlet to tell due to the fact the Horatio tells the story of Hamlet after Hamlet’s life expires. Water is the other important archetype of this poster. Water epitomizes rebirth- Hamlet may not be “rebirthed” in the play; however, every time that the story of Hamlet is read or told, Hamlet is reanimated as the story is

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