Literary Analysis Of Buried Onions By Gary Soto

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Xiaoyu Zhang College Composition Mrs. Wargo Dec 15, 2014 A Sorrowful Place What would one imagine to be a Mexican-American who lives in the barrio with buried onions. It is just such a man, Eddie, who Gary Soto portrays in his novel “Buried Onions.” A literary analysis explains this novel through its setting, plot, characters, theme, and tone. The story happens in Fresno, California, a Mexican-American community in which carries Eddie’s whole life and his heritage. It is this dusty field where Eddie has grown up in gives every Mexican-American person a struggled life. For those who have lived there, simply survival is the struggle, includes Eddie. Although they have found their ways to escape that field, they have limited opportunities in…show more content…
However, the only purpose that his aunt is helping him is that she wants him to avenge his cousin’s death. To compound his misfortunes, he is constantly troubled by hoodlums, mainly the one named Angel whom is believed the murderer of killing his cousin. He finds himself a fine labor at an approachable mister, Mr. Stiles’ house. Life seems all right at that point until he loses the Mr. Stiles’ truck. The cautiously built trust relationship by Eddie between Mr. Stiles and himself is broken into pieces and is never going to be put together…show more content…
He tries his best to stay away from negative and harmful influences after his father, his best friend, and his cousin die. Facing his own life, he always feels hopeless and helpless. Yet, Eddie is determined to survive in this mess. Taking the opposite way of drug and violence, Eddie vows to go with the straight and thorny path on his own. Unfortunately, it does not turn out well. Reality is always the opposite of what he expects. A impoverished and scary life forces Eddie to look for a solution to escape

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