Drug Testing In The Workplace Essay

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It is a demand in modern workplaces to maintain production, safety, and reputation, however, this cannot be accomplished if a worker is under the influence of drugs. The drugs affect the mind and body, impairing a worker’s ability to make good, conscious decisions. In 1988 the first Drug Free Workplace regulations were created as a part of the War on Drugs program to help stop drugs from corrupting the workplace. Drug testing is now seen in many industries today, although, some Americans want to completely ban the tests altogether because they think that it violates privacy and that it’s unnecessary. Drug testing in workplaces should not be banned because it does not violate privacy, it endangers lives and the industry if drug use isn’t…show more content…
Teenagers and adults alike are all influenced by them and people lose much when they become addicted to them. The drugs are so addictive that people are willing to give up anything to get them. What’s worse is it can be torture for the mind and body if you try to get rehabilitated. Drug testing in the workplace not only keeps industries safe and productive, but it also functions as a way to discourage drug use by the population. If every job in the world required a drug test then all drug users would have to give up their addictions. This would eventually lead to a decline in drug use. Sadly, not all workplaces require testing and the fact that the American population wants it to be banned is almost encouraging drug use. The less rules there are against it the easier it is to do it. Picture it like a board game. It is easier to play a game of Candy Land or Trouble, since the only rule is to move your character according to what you roll, than it is to play a game like Risk that has a lot of rules about what to do. You may say that this is a bad example because you can cheat in a game. This is true but when a cheater is discovered they are kicked out of the game just like a worker would be fired if they were to

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