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The RMS Titanic First known as the “ship of dreams” and the “unsinkable ship”, the RMS Titanic was the finest ship afloat in its time. In 1912, the ship was known to be luxurious with its main focus being size, speed, and comfort. Its speed would be twenty-four knots or twenty-seven mph. The ship would be used to transport mail and passengers to different countries in a short amount of time. During its voyage, though, the Titanic will become anything but a “ship of dreams”. Instead, it will become the “unsinkable ship” that sank. This paper on the Titanic disaster will examine the ship, the passengers, and the reasons for its sinking. The RMS Titanic is known as a British ship since it was built in Great Britain and was operated by a British crew. Its voyage began on April 10, 1912 and began in Southampton, England and was expected to arrive in New York City (Levinson 143). With the most advanced technology in its time, the Titanic weighed over 46,000 tons and was as high as an eleven story building. From…show more content…
A person’s social status, wealth, and ticket price was what determined the class someone was placed in (Levinson 150). The first class passengers were the wealthiest and mostly consisted of Americans and British. They had the best accommodations and resided on five levels starting at the upper deck to the promenade decks. They also had easy access to the locations of the lifeboats. The second class consisted of teachers, writers, clergymen, and tourists. The second class resided in the middle, upper, and saloon decks and had easy access to the lifeboats. The third class consisted of mainly immigrants moving to the United States or Canada. They had rooms in the lower decks and had no easy access to lifeboats (Levinson 150). Since the first and second classes had better places to reside, they had a higher chance of surviving the sinking of the Titanic compared to the third

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