Lesson Before Dying: A Brief Analysis Of Morrie's Life

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Morrie learned more and more to soak up the little moments as he died. Since he was unable to do many daily tasks the small acts he was able to do such as looking out the window brought him joy. He also learned how to embrace his dependency that was brought on by the disease. He loved it when people touched him and helped him with his everyday activities. As Mitch describes it, “At seventy-eight, he was giving as an adult and taking as a child.” (P. 116 T). This means Morrie was able to give out all of his years of wisdom, but other people gave to him the care they would give to a child. This is an important lesson for all older adults to learn because most people develop some degree of dependency as they age. When people require help to do the simple tasks in life, they think they are worthless to society. However, learning to embrace dependency as Morrie did and realize that they can still impart wisdom into the younger generation is a much healthier way to live. If they can embrace the ability to feel like a child again while also being able to give wisdom as an older…show more content…
He has joy in simple interactions such as the people who come to visit him and the care he receives from his health care workers. This is very similar to a child who finds joy in the visits of relatives and comfort when their mother places a bandage on a small cut. He also loses all sense of embarrassment. At first, Morrie was very concerned that at some point someone was going to have to wipe his backside after he used the bathroom. However, when this moment came he was able to embrace it because of this giving as an adult and taking as a child mentality he had adopted. Children are not embarrassed by anything. They will ask for help with whatever they need and not give it a second thought. This was the attitude Morrie needed to have when it came to the embarrassment caused by people wiping his

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