The Causes Of Civil Disobedience

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Civil disobedience is the refusal to comply to certain laws in the form of a peaceful protest. The main points to focus on would be the stories of Malala, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King because they all engaged in civil disobedience in order to make a difference. When you deem something to be unjust you have a choice to protest, this is called civil disobedience. Malala was a girl who spoke out against the educational destruction in Pakistan were she lived.To protest she bought her own learning supplies “We went to shops where I bought school books and Adam bought me DVDs of American TV programs like Ugly Betty, which was about a girl with big braces and a big heart.”(I am Malala paragraph 15). This is important because…show more content…
Rosa Parks played an important role in the Montgomery bus boycott “I said, "No." He said, "Well, I'm going to have you arrested." Then I said, "You may do that."(Rosa parks paragraph 6). Rosa parks refused to move her seat which then lead to a series of similar protests. This is considered civil disobedience because during the 1900s she was not allowed to sit with the “whites” and if the seats were full in the “white” section the African Americans had to give up their seats, but Rosa did not believe that this was fair. This was an effective way to protest because as others saw her story they agreed that she was treated wrongly and started to protest in a similar manner. Rosa used her voice to speak out because just like others she didn’t like being discriminated against. If she had stood up when she was told to and was never arrested the Montgomery bus boycott would probably have never happened. Martin Luther King jr. contributed to getting civil rights acts passed however;his family helped him become the person he was ,”Sorry,” said the clerk, “but you’ll have to move.” “We’ll either buy shoes sitting here,” my father retorted, “or we won’t buy shoes at all.”(MLK stride towards freedom paragraph 12-13).To elaborate Martin Luther King's’ father stood up to the store close discrimination against him because of his skin color. This is civil disobedience because he refused to buy the shoes due to his unfair treatment. This is a civil way to act because it’s peaceful yet it’s taking business away from the store because the store is being discriminatory. The store clerk was saying that they have to move because they were sitting on a bench to try on shoes so Mr. King said that they won’t buy their shoes there. This act helped Martin to realize the discrimination going on around him which helped make him into the civil rights activist he
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