George Eliot's Silas Marner Themes

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Generally Eliot’s novels are concerned with her own life experiences, since her mother died early then she was left alone at her age of sixteen when her father died in 1849. After she started to write fiction with her husband’s impulsion, she became successful, but under another name as George Eliot because of her relationship with a married man, she was afraid of her works will not be published. The themes she elaborates in” Silas Marner” are people, relationship, religion, environment and influences that concerned her about that England became developed and industrialized very fast. After her first publication of “Adam Bede” and “Mill of the Floss “, “Silas Marner” was one of her novels that was welcome and got critics as a fairly tale…show more content…
Her portraits, indeed, are so vivid as to convince us of their fidelity; but she has selected the less ugly, and taken the point of view from which we see mainly what was wholesome and kindly in the little village community. ' Silas Marner ' is a masterpiece in that way, and scarcely equalled in English literature." (Cornell…show more content…
The lost of Silas' faith in religion recalls her with her own. It is said that the narrator's voice is linked to Eliot's own life. Since England was becoming industrialized Eliot described it in ‘Silas Marner ‘ where it came in a sense a very personal novel for her at the time of publication, when English institutions and society were undergoing a rapid change. ‘ Silas Marner ‘ is divided into part one which contains fifteen chapters, where Silas’ life is now present in Raveloe living apart from the others, and the narrator begins to tell the life of Silas back for fifteen years in Lantern Yard, later to start again with the present. Then it comes part twowhich it ends at chapter twenty-one and a conclusion in which Silas’s life continues sixteen years later after adopting Eppie and living a different life

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