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Dear Dylann, I’m not from Charleston, S.C. and I don’t know you, but I wanted to write you a letter anyway. I just thought you should know your plan failed. I was raised in a black church myself and through the years I haven’t always been the best Christian, but I love the Lord. You walked into a church, a black church and sat through Bible study for a whole hour. I can only image the type of love and compassion they showed you, because in the black church, “The Doors are always OPEN.” Trust, that’s the only reason you were allowed to stay. But, you came into God’s house and committed murder. Mass Murder. The thing about God is he may not come when you want him, but he’s always on time. You wanted to start a race war, but God stopped that. You wanted to bring down Emanuel A.M.E, but God brought the church back together. So in reality you only killed yourself.…show more content…
The funny thing is you’re only 21 years old and you have this deep-rooted hate for Black people as if you know something. Do you know something? You weren’t around for Slavery, your grandparents didn’t endure hatred from black people, and I see you had black friends (Well, what someone like you would consider a “black friend.”) You don't know that type of hatred Dylann. Despite what you thought about black people, those nine individuals proved to you that what you thought was wrong and you still murdered them. I believe you really hated yourself and you focused all that negative energy into something else, you went and found information on the Trayvon Martin case and thought you knew something about black on white crime. You visited several historic sites and felt you were somehow connected to

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