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Dylan Smith also known as mod sun born March 10, 1987, American rapper, rock musician and poet from Bloomington, Minnesota. Mod Sun name meaning "Movement on dreams, stand under none.” I wrote about him because his uniqueness peaked my interests to write about him because he is so controversal to rappers popular these days and nearly matches them. Smith before Mod Sun was the drummer for a post-hardcore band Four Letter Lie, from 2004 to 2009. He left the band to pursue a rap career. In 2009-2010 he was also the drummer for another post-hardcore band Scary kids scaring kids. Growing up in Minnesota mod sun was not competing with local rappers instead created his own genre of hip hop going up listening to various music yet he has released five…show more content…
This song was from the start with good vibes an inspirational beat followed by an extremely chill build up of what hippy hop is. The beat was EDM style. “Howlin’ at the Moon,” had an upbeat, yet mellow jam produced by the artist himself and with fellow pop noisemaker Blackbeard. The song’s captivating sound will have you setting it on repeat for days. “Howlin At The Moon” was first song as Mod Sun music. This is that one record to check out for happy and positive motivational rap. The meaning of “Howlin At The Moon,” is celebrating. Every day. “If you woke up that is a reason to celebrate.” That is the most defining line of the song; it defines all things because it talks about celebrating. It talks about, “once midnight I just can’t fight that feeling, no!” the lost of control, but don’t judge because I’m a wild like everyone else. It is definitely a defining moment because it speaks on the entire thing he stands for. It speaks on having a good time. Because he is human, so that’s what it comes down to. Every flaw is really beauty and that’s like a defining moment because it talks about approaching things and not saying that he is not perfect. That is not the goal is to be perfect. The goal is to feel good to have a mind limitless. Imagine if you could get to a place where you can have no more rules for yourself because you are not a bad person and you are not doing bad things, that is what you are aiming for, not perfection. One of the things of being an artist that’s trying to be self-proclaimed like the Gandhi effect, where it’s like you walk up to someone and you do not expect perfection because no one is perfect. What he is doing it is something original to the world of hip-hop and being the start to happy, soothing, celebrative mood of hippy hop changing direction of modern

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