Dual And Cooperative Federalism In The United States

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Hayley McGraw Dr. Peter Carlson GOVT 101- 4C 16 September 2014 Federalism Federalism in the United States can easily be defined as a political system where power is split between the state and the national government (Barbour and Wright 105). There have been two major types of federalism in the history of the United States of America: dual federalism and cooperative federalism. With dual federalism, the national and the state government are almost completely separate (Opp 1592). Cooperative federalism, on the other hand, is a process full of give and take from both the national and state government; requiring both levels to work together in order to achieve equality between them (Ward 498). For years, political scientists changed how they…show more content…
The New Deal changed how everything had been run in the past, and required a lot more cooperation between the national and the state level of government. The purpose was for the national government to work along with the states, so that the citizens would have employment opportunities. As a result of the New Dea,l cooperative federalism was created (Barbour and Wright 115). Rather than the government being two independent levels, they now have to work together and negotiate to get anything accomplished. Even though cooperative federalism takes both levels to work, the national government is often seen as the more powerful of the two partners (Barbour and Wright…show more content…
It would be nearly impossible for the nation to return to this type of federalism, due to the fact that cooperation is essential for success. Duel federalism required the levels of government to compete with each other over power, rules, and regulations. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, begins where competition leaves off”. Since the nation has grown so much from when it first began; having a constant competition between the state and the national level would cause chaos. During the last hundred years, the nation has changed so much and needs a form of federalism that is willing to adapt with the evolution. This form just happens to be one that involves cooperation between all the levels of government. The only way to effectively accomplish anything is for each of the levels to work together. At times that does become a difficult task, but resorting back to each of the levels running on their own is not the way to

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