Persuasive Essay On Factory Farm Animals

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People consume ninety-five percent of meat that comes from farm animals. If people didn't have the animals we would either be vegetarians or people would die. The stress the cows endure when being raised for slaughter are branding, dehorning, castration, and the cows could still be alive during slaughter. People should care that the cows are getting treated humanely when slaughtered. One reason Mark H. Bernstein thinks factory farm animals are treated inhumanely is because of all the painful things they endure. Statistics show that ninety-five percent of the flesh people consume or eat comes from the animal that are being mistreated . Bernstein thinks that we should not kill animals. Society should all be vegetarians, so they wouldn't…show more content…
These three stress points are branding, dehorning, and castration. Bernstein does not think the cows should suffer the stress of these things because in the long run they're going to be killed anyways. Branding stresses the cows out because of the heat on the butt and forehead. It hurts them just as bad as if humans got burnt. Dehorning stresses cows out because their horns are the things that they could hurt people with. Taking their horns off puts stress on them because they have so much pressure built up when they are cutting and pulling the horns off. Castration puts stress on the males because they are turning into where they can't reproduce. It may sound like a good idea, but how are we going to get more cattle if they can not reproduce. Slaughtering cows may sound like a good idea to most people because there's a lot of advantages to killing the cows this way. For example they are fatted quicker, so they can be killed quicker. It does not take that long to get the cows rounded up for slaughter. Farmers do not have to spend much, and wait as long to get the cows fatten. The grower do not have to have a lot of green grass land because they eat a feed with corn and a variety of ingredients. There are cons to slaughtering cows this way, but they normally get slaughtered

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