Sir Lancelot In The Lady Of Shallot

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The addition of Sir Lancelot in the poem The Lady of Shallot highlights the power of temptation over individuals. Sir Lancelot is temptation molded into a character, he stands as a caution to readers to not give in to temptation. First of all, Sir Lancelot entered the poem shining and gleaming from the sunlight (Line 100), this is added to emphasize how distracting and beautiful temptation could be for any human being. Next, line 109 depicts the lady of shallot leaving her room and looking down to Camelot, this is used to show the power of temptation and to tell readers that temptation is hard to ignore once it has been paid attention to. Lastly, line 145-152 emphasizes the consequence of temptation, it is used to summon fear towards individuals

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