Last Friday Night: A Short Story

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I was startled by the alarm that was ringing beside me, almost deafening me enough to finally open my eyes from the lucid dream I was having. Even though the dream was evanescent, with its and bits of it still in my memory, it was like a shred from the golden days. Where I was 10 years younger, young enough for my mama to carry me around, young enough to hold my mama’s pinky while walking on the street, young enough to sit on my dad’s lap and listen to his fabricated but intriguing stories, young enough to having friends means playing in the playground and young enough to believe in the absolute impossibilities. How has time passed so fast without leaving a wrinkle on our body, making the past almost hazy like a dream? <> Still, in the midst…show more content…
The pack of kids divided into cliques that match with their cliché, with their chatter about what they did Last Friday Night, the hot new guy/girl on the block or gossiping about the fashion disaster couple of feet away. With a sigh and an inhale of the stinging smell of perfume and cigarettes, I slumped down on the seat in the far corner of the room. As I looked around the classroom and took it all in, I realized, the girl with the bright smile and being the fashion police with a gossip blog used to be me, the guy sitting on the table having a hearty laugh with his friends used to be me and the girl sitting on the teacher’s chair and feet on the table blasting music used to be me. When did I become the girl who sits in the corner, avoiding any human interaction if possible and the girl who thinks laughter will tire her…show more content…
Changing into my pajamas, I sat down in front of my laptop with my bowl of fruits. Opening it up, as usual, the first thing I saw was my life goal typed on a sticky note at the corner, ‘Building my own empire’. I smiled at how determined and adamant I am now. From the goals of riding my bicycle, tackling my brother and getting ‘A’ grade in primary school to being mindset on things that are much larger to attain by tomorrow. However, as precise is my goals, there is still one thing that still hasn't changed. I still struggle to figure out who I am and where I truly belong. Hence, every step of the day I made a mental note on what they say about me and what they say to me, in the means of figuring out who I truly am. Am I an obnoxious person derived by my looks or a down to earth modest person who keeps to herself? Should I believe the words of a judgmental person who have no idea about me or someone who truly knows me and is guarded not to hurt me while

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