El Saadawi: A Brief Textual Analysis

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Novels are composed of sentences that are made up of visual images that imprint on your mind, tones that sways your emotions, and repeated language that creates a rhythm. In her novel Woman at Point Zero Nawal El Saadawi writes a fictional story about Firdaus, a female prostitute in prison who is on death row for murdering her pimp. Firdaus from a young age has experienced maltreatment from men in her life. As Firdaus’ grows older she grows accustomed to that subjection and discrimination she faces. Though it is a fictional story it is based on Firdaus’ life re-told through El Saadawi. El Saddawi use of repetition in this book is unique. When sentences are repeated the wording is very similar if not the same. Repetition in this book is used to create imagery that has emotions and memories connected to it. When the repetition is used the reader can clearly see…show more content…
Because of this the feature that Firdaus is drawn to is people’s eyes. “All I can remember are two rings of intense white around two circles of intense black” (El Saadawi 17). Even though Firdaus was with her mom a lot when she was younger she vaguely remembers her. All she can remember about her are her eyes. Later in the book she also describes Miss Iqbal’s eyes. “My face was turned towards her, and my eyes looked into her eyes: two rings of pure white, surrounding two circles of intense black, that looked out at me” (El Saadawi 29). The imagery in both of these is very clear, “intense black” and “white”. Her mom’s eyes are described as intense white while Miss Iqbal’s are pure white. I believe this is because Miss Iqbal is kind and comforting while Firdaus’ mom was always distant. The tone in both of these quotes is intrigued. Firdaus is interested in their eyes and the type of person they are. The repetition in these quotes are the exact same except for the change in adjective in front of the

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