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Ashes of Roses by Mary Jane Auch is centered around an Irish family who has decided to leave Ireland and come to America in 1911. The family encounters many problems once they arrive in America. As a result of the problems the father of the family and the baby boy got sent back to Ireland. Later on in the story the mother and toddler of the Nolan family go back to Ireland, leaving 16 year old Margaret Rose (Rose) and 12 year old Maureen to fend for themselves in America. Rose needs to find work. With help from Gussie, the daughter of the family Rose was renting a room from, Rose got a job at The Triangle Waist Company. At the end of one work day a fire started, this was the same day the Maureen decided to start working at The Triangle. Rose…show more content…
Gussie and Rose worked as seamstress on the eighth floor. The floors were crowded with workers. There was lines of sewing machines waiting for their seamstress to come. “I was shocked how crowded it was. The entire room was filled with long tables placed close together, with a double row of sewin’ machines strechin’ from end to end of each one.” (Auch 159). Even with unions, conditions were still horrible. Horrible enough to start a fire. Doors were still locked and there was only two ways out, and elevator and one set of stairs. Although there was not the best conditions, the workers still became friends. Rose Nolan became best friends with two other Roses, Bellini and Klein. “That afternoon went by much faster, now that I had a couple of friends sittin’ right across from me.” (Auch 169). Even with friends by their sides, the horrible conditions prevailed with a fire. When a fire started at The Triangle Waist Company it killed over 1,000 workers. Auch did an accurate job of recreating the fire. Workers jumped out of windows, tried to escape using the elevator, using the stairs, and some escaped the fire, Auch represented these each of these way accurately in her book. Immigrants were the main workers in

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