Langston Hughes Let America Be America Again

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Is America the same America that it was dreamed to be? This question was answered in Langston Hughes’ poem, “Let America Be America Again”. America can be said to be the exact opposite of it was supposed to be. “Let America Be America Again” has a focus on America’s poor foundation, falsified hope, and its reconstruction. Hughes mentions multiple aspects that display how flawed America’s foundation truly was. He discusses being the “Negro bearing slavery’s scars”, in order to show that America relied on the torment of others so that it could be founded and suffice. Slavery supported America for years throughout its creation. Slavery was also one of the most brutal times in American history. Hughes goes on to mention “the red man driven from the land”. He mentions this factor of America’s flawed creation, in order to give focus to the Native Americans that were forced to leave their homelands when the Europeans arrived. This factor was another problem with America’s poor foundation. This leads to the next topic which is the falsified hope America gave, and still gives.…show more content…
He mentions building a homeland of the free; however, he goes on to question if America is truly free. America’s freedom is questionable, because of the problems that those who lived in America faced. It is also questionable, because those who that came to America never received what they were promised, freedom. Furthermore, Hughes mentions the fact that America has not yet been the dream America was made to be. This is true because America was dreamed to be a country of freedom, sadly it has not yet made it to that point. America to this day still has a long way to go. After mentioning that one must mention America’s

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