Use Of Irony In Susan Glaspell's Plays

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Irony shows the impact of misconception by adding depth to a story. Irony is used effectively in the following plays. Trifles by Susan Glaspell show a form of irony when the men caring out a murder investigation to outs empty handed because they choose not to look in the kitchen. In Oedipus the King by Sophical the irony is that he is looking for is himself, and in A Doll house by Ibsen the irony is toward Nora and her husband Torvalds when the realize that that they have been living a lie. For all three plays irony marks the point of reversal where the action veers to its opposites Trifle means something that is unimportant or something that is small. However in the play Trifles it holds a bigger significance. Mrs. Wright is held in jail for murdering her husband. The sheriff and the county attorney are the two man that are caring out the investigation. The men go through the house looking for evidence that will convict Mrs. Wright however they do not go into the kitchen because they think that is woman stuff according to them nothing of importance is in the kitchen. Ironically while the men are looking upstairs and outside the woman found all the evidence in the kitchen. The same woman whom the men thought that they cannot add anything significant to the investigation and worries about trifles, actually manage to scale up the case.…show more content…
Although Oedipus save the city of Thebes from the sphinx’s however when the city was infested with a pledge he was told that it was because the person that killed the prior king was still in the city. Oedipus told everyone that he wanted to find that person end exile him from the kingdom. However e irony shows it self when that person is Oedipus himself. He realized that his prophecy was fulfilled and that he indeed killed his father the king and married his mother the queen. Oedipus didn’t have a choice but to accepts his fate and leave the

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