Summary: Theoretical Basis Of The MOHOST

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Theoretical Basis of the MOHOST: The MOHOST is based on concepts from the model of human occupation, which addresses motivation, performance, and organisation of occupational behaviour in everyday life. According to the model, a person’s occupational participation comes out of a co-operation of the person with conditions of the environment. What Does the MOHOST Measure? The MOHOST measures occupational participation of the client in his activities of daily living (ADL). It measures the client's ability to engage in self care, productivity or leisure and . Since MOHOST is a measure of OCCUPATIONAL PARTICIPATION that means it should consider the areas of: Motivation for occupation, Pattern of occupation, Communication and Interaction skills,…show more content…
& Interaction, motor, process), and environment. Most of the sections deal directly with the person’s participation in occupation. The last section is slightly different, in that it explores how the environment supports the person to participate in occupation. The items in all the other sections are concerned with different aspects of the person. When it comes to rating the environment, the therapist is not rating the person’s skill to manage their environment but the resources, opportunities, constraints and demands of the environment itself. The Purpose: - To highlight the impact of volition and habituation, making it clear that the focus of occupational therapy is broader than teaching discrete skills. - To provide visual profile of strengths and weaknesses, when completed. And can serve as a ready index for quickly identifying these strengths and weaknesses. - To provide a method of effective communication. That is, the ratings can serve as an effective structure for providing consultation, education, and supervision. By consistently using the ratings, the therapist employs a consistent framework for communicating about the needs of a person and recommendations for services, structure,

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