Wanda Maximoff's The Scarlet Witch

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Wanda Maxioff, also known as the Scarlet Witch, is one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. In addition, the Scarlet Witch is the singule most powerful character in the Marvel universe. She can control not only probability, but reality itself, giving her the opportunity to create any reality she desires with her hex powers and wiping anyone who displeases her off the map with a flick of her wrist. However, with great power comes even greater mental strain. Throughout her time in the Marvel universe, we begin to see the Scarlet Witch’s mental stability crumble as she suffers breakdown after breakdown. In the comics, Wanda Maximoff’s sanity is constantly pushed to the brink, as if her mind were a tide. Slowly skirting around the edge then quickly…show more content…
Within the first few pages, Pietro gets into an altercation with a fellow teammate and the Scarlet Witch uses her powers of probability to help her brother. Wanda and Pietro’s banding together establishes the extremely close bond between the twins that is set to unravel throughout their time in the Marvel universe. Even in her first appearance, we see that Wanda is hesitant to use her powers for fear of their strength and her inability to completely control them. This becomes a constant in the Scarlet’s Witch’s storyline as she puts on a mask of a meek woman who serves as a pawn in a vast game, a woman who goes along with the schemes of her brother and father. Underneath, however, Wanda Maximoff is a well of undiluted power that is waiting to burst…show more content…
Wanda restarts the brotherhood of evil mutants and leads several missions in an attempt to wipe out the homo sapiens to make room for the homo superior, or the mutants. During this time of mental instability, the Scarlet Witch’s powers only grow causing more destruction and chaos than previously thought possible. She is eventually captured and her mind wiped, cleared of all memories of her ‘children’ yet in Avengers: Disassembled (#503, 2004) she goes to her longtime mentor, Agatha, and demands to know where her two children are. Wanda has been having flashbacks of her brief life with her twin sons, blurring the lines between what Wanda’s current reality is (that her mind was wiped of all those memories) and the actual reality (that she created her sons out of desperation for

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