Mark Twain's Poem The Steel Of Freedom

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Overall, the poem is saying that America has not reached the potential it has, or the level that others claim it to be. Immigrants always come here with the mindset that America has better, bigger, and brighter futures, which is not always true. America doesn’t have all of the answers, nor are all of its policies set in favor of the people. In the poem he says “The steel of freedom does not stain. From those who live like leeches on the people’s lives, we must take our land again, America!” (Lines 76-79). He speaks with the purpose of truth, freedom, and redemption; those who have built this country shall take it into their own hands. The tone is very powerful and assertive, he speaks like he is the leader of a revolution ready to take action. “O, let my land be a land where liberty is crowned with no false patriotic wealth, but opportunity is real, and life is free, equality is in the air we breathe.” (Lines 12-15). He speaks with confidence and passion, we envision it without having to hear it directly. He also doesn’t only want to speak for himself, he wants to express the struggles of others…show more content…
They shouldn’t have to continue to hide if they’re doing great things for our country or trying to protect it. They have to subject themselves to these low-paying jobs without any benefits when they’re helping to keep up America. This is what Langston Hughes is saying about freedom. When it comes to the idea of freedom in America not everyone is set as equal, we see this throughout history, we saw it in our past, we see it in our present and we have to prevent it in our future. Is this what our people are forever going to be subjected to? We need to make a change now for the people of tomorrow. We see what’s wrong with the system but where is the effort for change? It’s a cycle that has to be broken before we can rebuild a better

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