Laminating Machine Case Study

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The New Laminating Machine by Ocamaster Specializing in the production and development of all kind of various LCD laminating machines, OCAmaster is a well-known manufacturing company that is currently under the spotlight. There is a high demand for the machines sold by OCAmaster and has served the entire Europe, North America, South America and other Western countries. Moreover, OCAmaster takes huge part in training schools on teaching about various repair and tuning services which has helped students to start their own lamination works. It has attained good reputation due to the machines good quality and high efficiency provided that make it easy to use. Furthermore it provides after-sale services to make sure you are well set. Oca Laminating…show more content…
- SMC prieumatic components are used for the assembling this machine. -It provides easy operation and thus appeals many customers. -It has a feature of key start and compatibility. -Under pressure the quality of the lamination formed by the oca laminating machine is smooth and flat which signifies that there is no stress on the machine or the product. Functionality The oca laminating machine works on three main principles of separation, lamination and compression. In the separation process the LCD screen are separated from shattered glass, frames etc. To get moving, first place your broken screen on the top of the machine and start the vacumm which is an added feature in the machine. Run the wire that is provided within the machine and separate the glass from your screen. You might notice some light scratches due to the shattered glass which can be corrected by using the polarizer remover. This will leave you with a plain, smooth LCD. Next we go on lamination. This is the process in which the polarized film to the LCD and the OCA film to glass is laminated. Once lamination is done, we use the molds to provide alignment from LCD to polarized…show more content…
It has an air bubble remover, a vacuum pump and a built-in compressor. It has automatic door with a LCD controlling system of 4.8 inches. There are thousands of people who have purchased this product and have found it productive. Expected Changes The oca laminating machines faces a few problems and there are few changes that are possible. The first change is that the sensor contacting is made fixed so that vacuum of vacuum cylinder does not drop. Secondly, the connection between power cable and power jack is made tighter so that malfunctioning of power buttons can be fixed. The third change that can be implemented is to make the cylinder throttle flexible so that it can navigate between different locations. Furthermore a stronger heat pipe can be provided that can withstand larger temperatures. Conclusion This has been a general walk around the oca laminating machine. At Ocamaster you get the best designed and manufactured machines. The ultimate destination has been proved- providing manufacturing machines that our customers can use to repair and make immaculate screens. Join them when it is a matter of repair and phone

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