Lady Macbeth Murder Is Wrong

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Murder. The act itself is too much for most to even think of, let alone to carry out. The truly appalling act of ending another person’s life has the ability to turn a sane man insane. And this very thing happens in William Shakespeare’s most bloody play Macbeth, after Macbeth murders Duncan. However, when first told he would become King by the three weird sisters, he did not feel this way. He thought “If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me Without my stir,”(Macbeth, 8).But when he said this, he was very wrong. If Macbeth hadn’t killed King Duncan, then he would never have become king. Firstly, if he had refused to kill Duncan, he would have been able fend off Lady Macbeth’s persuasions to become king. Secondly, once he had committed…show more content…
The main reason Macbeth killed King Duncan in the first place was because he was swindled into doing so by Lady Macbeth. However, soon after killing Duncan, their relationship experienced a major shift in the power dynamic. This shift gave Macbeth the upper hand in the relationship, to the point where he didn’t feel as if he needed to inform Lady Macbeth of his decisions. When Macbeth suspects Banquo doubts how he came to power, instead of first discussing his decision with Lady Macbeth, he meets with the murderers without her knowledge, and doesn’t even bother to tell her. He goes so far to deny her a response when she inquires about his plans by saying “Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck,”(Macbeth, 39) This action by Macbeth exemplifies that just one act of courage could change the whole dynamic of the relationship. In this instance, the act of courage does happen to be killing Duncan, but refusing to kill him despite what Lady Macbeth had said could potentially have given Macbeth the same confidence and power to change the dynamic of the situation. There still might be some who claim that Lady Macbeth is this strong, imposing character that asserts her will and obtains what she strives for, but Lady Macbeth was already falling apart mentally and showing weakness prior to the murder of Duncan. When setting the knives out for Macbeth to do the deed, she had the perfect opportunity to kill Duncan. Who would expect the lovely, charming, but weak-minded Lady Macbeth, who faints at the news that Duncan is dead (Macbeth, 84). But instead of capitalizing on this chance handed to her on a silver platter, she says, “Had he not resembled My father as he slept, I had done’t,”(Macbeth, 21). All this is a weak excuse. But this excuse shows that Lady Macbeth isn’t this plotting, manipulative genius she is made out to be, and that she is just

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