The Importance Of Hatha Yoga

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Try hatha yoga to improve your posture and look slender Hatha yoga is often seen as one of the most basic and easy to practice yoga (even when at home). This discipline of Yoga focuses more on stretching, concentration, and focus. Sessions often last up to an hour, and like other yoga practices, it promotes growth thanks to its variation of exercises. One interesting fact about it is that yogis (people who practice yoga) often testify that they started noticing some improvement in their height ever since they’ve started practicing it. Professors like Gail Greenberg, a UCLA medical professor who actually studied Yoga and its effects on the body, came up with the conclusion that not only does it affect one’s posture, but that through the release of toxins from the body, cells, and hormones will somehow begin to grow (in a healthy…show more content…
It works as a way to stretch your spine from one end to another because not only does the pose puts pressure on your upper body, but also on your legs, by having them joined and contacting your buttocks. - The pigeon pose: Although complex, the pigeon pose helps stretch not only the spine but also the lower back, and the muscles on the side. You will see that the pose sort of emulates the movements that a cat makes when it stretches itself. - The mountain pose: The mountain pose is very simple because it is executed while you are standing and all it requires from you is to keep your balance and adjust your elbows, your arms, your legs, feet, and head with your spine. Overall, it can help you correct your posture, hence making you appear taller than you really are. Added to that, you have other movements/ poses that will help you complete your Yoga session. Now, let’s go through these poses so that you can feel how they really work on your back, legs, and neck

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