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Krokodil (also known as “Crocodil” or “Kroc”) is a slang name for desomorphine (scientific name), a homemade dangerous drug. Krokodil drug is a version of Heroin, which means that it was made for the substitute of Heroin, primary in Russia where Heroin is expensive and in short supply. It is a homemade drug that is injected to the skin used in Russia and utilized all around the world, including North American Countries the United State, Mexico and Canada. Due to the greenish color and scaly, like a crocodile, appearance of the skin, hence, the street name given to it “Krokodil”. The Krokodil drug has similar properties to Heroin that are 8-10 times stronger, faster and potent (Booze. 2013). When this drug is injected, the duration of the desmorphine is much shorter, less than two hours. The short duration of the drug leads to high addiction of the drug, users can spend the whole day making the drug so that they can keep on injecting themselves again to avoid the withdrawal symptoms since its takes less than 120 minutes for desomorphine to synthesize. It is said that it is very dangerous to…show more content…
Scientifically, Codeine is contaminated with toxic products such as iodine, gasoline paint thinner, hydrochloric acid, and light fluid. The codeine pills are usually consisting of caffeine and paracetamol. Tropicamide is one of the ingredients for making krokodil, found over counter eye drops in order to lengthen the experience of the drug (, Krokodil. 2013). Due to the toxicity of the drug, the deadly impurities of the ingredients lead to really serious physical effects to the body. Iodine is so toxic that it destroys the functioning of the endocrine system and the body muscles compromises. Excess iron, zinc and lead, all byproducts of the homemade drug become very evident in the body as they result to nervous system impairment, liver and kidney inflammation. (National Library of Medicine.

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