Longboards Vs Longboard Research Paper

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Punk, rebel, hoodlum, and criminal so often come to mind when thinking about skateboarders. A hobby that grew popular in the 1990’s, the sport is commonly associated with vandalism, crime, and profanity; however, when taken under a microscope skating is not what it is often perceived to be. Though it is a competitive sport across America, it is more often used as a fun transportation system. Lighter, and more compact than a bike it is easier to carry around, but a much faster way of transportation than walking. It is easy to see why the hobby is continually growing in popularity; this growth has allowed the sport to change and evolve into new forms. If one looks past the crazy tricks and longhaired riders, a simple difference can be seen…show more content…
Longboards tend to have a much larger wheel diameter, giving it a smoother ride. While shortboards wheel diameters are much smaller, this increases the board’s maneuverability. These physical differences are the most evident between longboards and shortboards; though, they also help influence the many differences in function between the boards as well. The two boards sizes are for the most part are what control the function of the boards. Because longboards have a greater size, they are able to handle rougher roads and higher speeds. Similar to an off road vehicle, longboards have a larger build, allowing them to go over bumps and cracks with ease. Shortboards on the other hand are not able to handle rougher terrain, instead their smaller build allows them to “jump,” and be whipped around during tricks. This is why shortboards are mainly found at skateparks, where the cement is smooth. Longboards larger build also allows them to handle greater speeds. The larger deck, trucks, and wheels allow the board to remain stable under extreme accelerations. Some professional longboarders can reach speeds of sixty miles per hour or greater going down hill. Shortboards again differ from longboards as their smaller build prevents them from reach high speeds; instead the smaller build allows them to turn sharper and quicker. Again this function benefits in tricks, and at skate

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