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The first time you meet somebody is important, its how people will remember you. Its how people will describe you to their other friends. The first thing I look, more so listen, for are peoples views on others. I think this is very important because I’m very accepting person and if somebody else is then I know we have a good chance to get along and be close. I think I present myself as a respectable, smart, and responsible person. I am a confdent person but I dont think I’m very good at showing it and I hope that this class and hopefully the Camp Dare trip will help me express my confidence all the time. I hope others see me as an excitable, friendly, approachable, and hepful person. I think originally they thought of me as a weird, loud, peppy, annoying Grade 10. After I got to know them an they got to know me at Grade 9 Activity Day they still thought of me as a weird, loud, peppy, annoying Grade 10 but, I got the hance to converse, hang out, and play games with them so I think they thought more of me. Overall, I think they see me as a friendly, approachable, excitable, helpful, and peppy person. I think they see me this way because I was very supportive, peppy, and excited at all of the games we played. I made sure everybody played and everybody laughed even if they were laughing at me because I…show more content…
I always do my homework and hand it in on time, I always raise my hand to answer questions when I know the answer. I always ask questions and ask for help if I’m unsure what to do or if I need my work checked over. I think my peers thought of me as a smart person because I always help people and i get good marks. Also I think they first thought of me as a friendly, helpful, and responsible person. I do think that their first impressions have stuck. People are generally hard to convince and it can be difficult to change somebody’s opinion but you can add on to it and I believe I have done

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