Kinesthetic Learning Style Analysis

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Introduction The learning style that best fits me would be visual as opposed to an auditory or kinesthetic learner. I say this after having completed a few online quizzes to help me better understand which type of learning I prefer. I also reflected on my past education and realize that I am definitely more of a visual type learner. One reason I learn better with the visual method is that after listening to the same person talk all day even if they are a great person usually wears me down and I find my attention shifting elsewhere. Secondly, I can at times be a highly active person so just the act of sitting in the same place for long periods listening to someone can be a…show more content…
So audio tapes are probably out, but I could still give it shot. So strategy number one will be not just reading but re-reading. I can also help facilitate this by note taking while reading so I can hit main points that require more emphasis. My second strategy will be to possibly highlight certain things or tab them as well create flash cards if and when the situation arises. Third, since I am a hands on kind of person also I believe I could do practical exercises on my own if applicable from free open source software that would help me practice. Practice makes perfect. I think also verifying and asking the online instructor the best possible methods of study for a certain course is pretty safe bet to ensure success. Learning to scan for key points when reading is a great skill to hone for studying also. These strategies differ from how I learn in a physical classroom because now as opposed to asking an instructor a question and receiving an on the spot answer that they help me tie in with whatever material I am learning I will have stop, write it down, then clarify before…show more content…
So, in conclusion I will briefly summarize the key points of my presentation. First, I explained what type of learner I am out of three possible types of learners. I stated that I am a visual learner and that I had took three online quizzes or questionnaires to verify my suspicions. I also explained how I learn from previous experiences in the classroom and online. Second, I posted the results from the online quizzes within my presentation and on a case by case basis I went through each one and explained how I believe I came to my results and how I felt about each one through previous learning experiences. I highlighted and pasted my results directly so the reader could get a feel for what I was explaining about the websites I had visited. Third, I thought about each of the results and previous learning and the method I mainly use, which happens to visual. I then formulated some strategies that I am hoping will help me advance my online learning academic career through a detailed explanation. After having done so, I now feel more confident that I can at least do my best in trying to reach my goal, which is

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