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Khao Lak settled only an hour’s drive north away from Phuket Island on the beautiful Andaman seaboard, is one of Thailand's most tranquil retreat destinations. The area is encompassed by the neighboring hills that sweep down to this delightful range of coastline with seashores that stretch on for miles. Just 80km from Phuket, Khao Lak proposes a precious oasis for leisure, with an excellent blend of fresh tropical forest, splendid beachfront luxury, and extensive white sand beaches. 1.Vegetarian festival Khao Lak The Vegetarian Festival happens each year in South East Asia, it’s starting…show more content…
Tropical dip Khao Lak Khao Lak’s national parks are bound with bubbly waterfalls and chilled forest pools. The Chong Fah fall is one of the largest in Khao Lak Lam Ru. Water drops 10 meters down a set of rocks in a pool below. It’s a famous diving point for sticky days. Lam Ru is different picture-ready fall as the water foams over 5 layers of moss-concealed rocks, enclosed by rich greenery. 6. Massage on the pakarang beach Khao Lak This sandy point lies right up in the north direction of Khao Lak. It’s a peaceful site with some sand-front massage shelters, plus a few of setback beach eateries for when lunchtime comes around. It’s close to Cape Pakarang, where swimmers will discover a coral-encrusted wreck. The traditional Thai Massage has grown very famous amongst the travelers of Khao Lak. It is regarded not just healthy but also very relaxing mainly at the beach massage with a bundle of fun.Besides the Thai Massage different kinds of massage are also given, e.g. the famous oil massage and the neck and shoulder massage. Address:-Pakarang Beach, Takua Pa 82190, Thailand 7. A round of golf khao…show more content…
Hot spring Khao Lak There is some Hot Spring in Khao Lak Area, you can discover hot spring at Thai Muang, Kapong and Rommanee. These hot springs receive natural water getting from underground in actual pool or man created pool around a temperature of 65°C. Hot Springs in Khao Lak are excellent to spend a peaceful and relaxing day.All the advantages of hot springs include Better Sleep, Healing, Improve Joint Mobility, Lower Blood Pressure, improve MoodEliminate Toxins, Relaxing, and Improve Immune System. 10. Go paddling in the Khao Sok national park Sok River is an excellent spot for a relaxing boat ride down the slow moving current. Most regularly observed animals involve birds, such as herons and kingfishers, frogs, snakes, monitor lizards and, if you are fortunate, possibly even amazing wild monkeys. Besides these, you can observe remarkable limestone hills covered with rich jungle, as well as some rural experience along the stream like washing laundry, locals fishing, and taking their regular family water from the river. If you are interested in paddling, then this site is waiting for

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