Interdependent Social Orientation Analysis

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1. What is the basic conclusion of this review? After reading “The Origin of Cultural Differences in Cognition: The Social Orientation Hypothesis” I have come to believe the two social orientation independent and interdependent mostly share a correlation with social orientation differences and priming. Social differences amongst different cultures stares the focus to independent or interdependent because in that particular culture that is the way things have previously been done. While priming affects cognition to be one or the other social orientation. While there are some other factors that may shift the social orientation such as the current state the economy is in, politics, and globalization. 2. What are independent and interdependent…show more content…
Independent social orientation is individualism which is when a person gives priority to self rather than a group. An example of this would be a person on the Eastern side of the world who focused on their education and making a name for themselves rather than contributing to their family. Interdependent social orientation is when a person focuses on their cultural group rather than themselves. An illustration of this is in the Western part of the world where many generations live in one home and they strive and succeed together as a group. The emphasis is on the group rather than the…show more content…
We come from many different diverse backgrounds and our culture may have a strong impact on how we are as beings, conduct ourselves and what traditions are most important. For many their culture lays a strong foundation of who they are, how they want to live, and how they inspire to be. An illustration of this is a person who grows up with the mentality that they must stand on their own two feet, they must get a good education, they must be strong and present themselves in a respectful manner, is most likely going to be independent. In order to understand that person one must understand their way of

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