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Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield Miss Brill is a short tale written between 188-1923 by Katherine Mansfield. The story was first published in 1920 and reprinted in the Garden Party and Other Stories. It is a story about a lonely English teacher living alone in a French town next to the Public Gardens. The novel tells us about how she spends her time waking and sitting in the on every Sunday afternoon. As the story begins, Mansfield narrates how Miss Brill chooses to wear her fur, and while in the park, she notices that it is full compared to the last Sunday. When she is joined by a young couple on her bench, they make fun of her saying that she was a "stupid old thing", and the fur she is wearing makes her look funny (Mansfield 241). This…show more content…
The fur is used as a parallel to Miss Brill. The author writes that, Miss Brill removed the fur from her dark room so as to wear it on that Sunday, and when she gets back to the house, she returns it into the lonely box and nothing is said about the story. This parallels Miss Brill life because, we are told that, she leaves her dark room every Sunday to go and walk about and sit in the park, and later in the day, she goes back to her dark room. The fur in the story symbolizes the effect of Miss Brill’s confinement and solitude. She wore it from its incarceration to bring it to life as she came to life when she visited the…show more content…
While she is sited on a bench in the park, the decay parallels the grayness of the people sited near her on the park benches. In addition, the fur she puts on symbolizes her hidden inner deadness. Miss Brill hides the deadness when she goes to the park looking for fake companionship with the people who do not even recognize her presence. The protagonist lived a life that was dead already because of her isolation, but she masked it when she went to the park every Sunday. There is the orchestra playing in the story and Miss Brill’s seems to enjoy it as it makes her life lively (Mansfield 243). However, her emotions are reflected and echoed in the performance because, Mansfield writes that, as the band plays, she envisages that what they are singing about corresponds to what is happening in the park. In addition, when a song is changed by the band, she still imagines everyone in the park singing the song and this leaves her crying at the thought. In addition, the shabby Ermine toque is used by the author in Miss Brill. According to Miss Brill, she was identifying with this woman to be of her kind. As the woman with the shabby ermine torque tried to approach a well dressed man, he smoked in her face and she felt mortified/. When she went back to the house, she felt mortified like the woman with the torque because she was alone and the young couple was making fun of

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