Miss Brill Isolation

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Isolation, by definition, is the process of segregating oneself from the presence of others. Individuals that are in a state of isolation can tend to stray away from the sight of reality. This is because they would rather make a reality of their own than accept the reality which they are a part of. This idea is conveyed in the short story Miss Brill written by Katherine Mansfield. During Mansfield's life she experienced her own form of loneliness as she often made the conscious decision to isolate herself from the world[1], as did Miss Brill. Mansfield uses a stream of consciousness style of writing, allowing readers to have access to the inner most thoughts of Miss Brill. This enables able us to experience the world from the character’s point of view. In doing this, Mansfield has expertly conveyed ideas on isolation…show more content…
One way that lonely individuals can cope with the loneliness of isolation is by creating a fantasy world inside their head; thus seeing the world in a whole different way from others. Mansfield conveys this idea through the use of a simile when Miss Brill believes she has come to an understanding of her role in society. Miss Brill persuades herself that her Sunday visits to her local park are not just a daily Sunday schedule, but instead “a play” which she is a part of and this is the reason for her weekly attendance. In this play she gives herself an important role to feel as though she fits in amongst the “members of the company”. To reinforce Mansfield's idea of the character’s distraction from her loneliness, she crafts Miss Brill to integrate the park into

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