The Pros And Cons Of Mass Evacuation

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From the beginning of World War 2, many people were greatly affected by the massively complex operation where approximately 3 million people were evacuated from the towns and cities in Great Britain that were in the most danger of being bombed by enemy aircraft and placed into more rural areas in the country. Evacuation was deemed necessary for many reasons, but one of the main purposes of mass evacuation was to ensure that the people who were less able to contribute to the war effort would be able to live simple and ordinary lives away from any distress, whilst the people who were staying at home would be able to focus on working and contributing towards the war effort. As well as this, it was viewed as the most effective idea during the war as it would enable school-going children to continue receiving a good standard of education without the child facing…show more content…
However, although there were some major achievements, it is also clear that there were also many problems that children mainly had to face due to the fact that they found it difficult to adjust to a completely different lifestyle, a change in social classes and the emotional trauma of being away from their parents at such a young age. For the majority of children, evacuation was a life changing event, however it was not necessarily a positive one for everyone. For some children, the experience of being evacuated led to a very difficult time adapting to a change in surroundings and having to live with strangers who were not very hospitable. In addition to this, one of the major problems that occurred in relation to evacuation of people from wartime London was the difficulty that children faced as they belonged to an upper class background and then were placed into homes were the families were less

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