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Stalin was one of the Soviet Union’s most celebrated leaders. He drastically changed the Soviet Union’s economy and industry of the country after Lenin died. His Five-Year Plans changed how the Soviet Union was thought of by the other countries. Stalin’s achievements brought the Soviet Union to become a major superpower in Europe and Asia. Stalin himself was showed how he could save his country from disaster to a world-renowned nation. He devised his Five-Year Plans to create and execute goals which needed to be completed first. Stalin also started the Great Purge which were a series of mass killings that took place inside labor camps. The Five-Year Plans and the Great Purge affected the Russian people and contributed to Russia becoming a…show more content…
This event shook the Soviet Union by terrorizing and intimidating the people to submit to Stalin’s will and goals. Stalin’s rivals (Communist Figures) were taken by extreme methods of torture ("Stalinist Purges"). These trials were held for the Communist Figures’ outspoken involvement during the Russian Revolution. The outspoken involvers were tortured to tell the truth or be executed immediately. The outspoken involvement included people who were against Stalin’s reign of power and the policies that he put in place. These trials were widespread and even accused Trotsky. In 1938, only 41 people survived the attacks ("Stalinist Purges"). Even Trotsky was involved in this dilemma. This was a factor because Trotsky was opposing the war and also forced him to move along with his teachings (Borrero, Mauricio). The Purges also included intellectuals, writers, landed aristocracy, bourgeoisie, and the reminder of traditional class enemies who represented anyone who contest or criticize Stalin’s severe leadership style ("Stalinist Purges"). Stalin thought he could eliminate all his enemies by killing or torturing the people who thought they could overthrow him. This is how Stalin kept his power for so long because everyone thought he was a great leader. Stalin controlled the media which involved the newspaper and the radio. All the media was broadcasting about how great communism was and the success that Stalin provided to the Soviet Union. Many of the people he tortured or killed did not want to overthrow Stalin. He wanted to make sure of that in the worst possible way. Stalin thought that torturing people in this way through executions, beating, and electrocuting would show everyone he was the greatest leader the Soviet Union ever had. Books were published about what happened during the Great Purge. One famous one was called Darkness at Noon. Darkness at Noon was about the former editor of Pravda which was the official

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