Jonbenet Ramsey Case Study

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The Murder of Jonbenet How would you feel if someone you love was grousomly attacked and then murdered? On December 25th,1996, there was a horrific event in Boulder, Colorado at the home of Patsy and John Benet Ramsey; their beautiful, pageant-winning star was murdered. Since the Jonbenet ramsey case has been going on for twenty-two years now, there have been new leads against the family and sexual assault predators. To begin, it is important for one to understand the events that occured the night jonbenet was murdered. That night, Patsy and John Benet were at a house party then arrived home late that night with their kids: Jonbenet and Burke. Jonbenet was extremely tired and fell asleep that's when her father took his daughter to bed, while their son Burke was given tea and pineapple. Around midnight Jonbenet wet her bed and went into her parents room to explain what happened that's when her mom lost it and yelled at her six year old daughter. After…show more content…
On December 25th a Mr. Gary Oliva with past charges of sexual assault , was in the ramseys neighborhood when she was killed. Then after her death he went to a candlelight dinner alone. After that he went on with his night and texted his close friend “I’ve done something horrible” according to source this is on a timeline of her murder. When he was arrested and taken into custody for child pronogerphy the police searched his house and had found a picture of Jonbenet and a poem called “Ode to Jonbenet”. This is all forms of stalking and given his past he could been the one to have rapped then killed her because of his love for her. After he was Interrogated by Boulder police he said “I feel she was an exceptional girl whose death was an exceptional loss. I felt the need to build a monument, a shrine, to remember this little girl.-Denver Post.” He seems to be obsessed with JonBenet and wand to remember his love for

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