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The meaning of Cyborg as used in the short story Johnny Mnemonic by William Gibson when an individual is placed in logical setting that constantly changes the biological form of the human body then he or she develops into a cyborg. This is a reality that is captured by William Gibson’s narrative Johnny Mnemonic. The author uses different characters to explore the setting of post-industrial world. Gibson offers a hint of post-industrial life that is defined by bio-technological advancement that necessitates the mutation of the organic body to a more hybrid technophobic creature called the cyborg. Johnny Mnemonic and millions are perfect representatives of this hybrid human being. Gibson uses these characters to explore the interaction of cyborg…show more content…
In their conversation, it is clear that Millions has managed to dupe Mnemonic assassin to the place of death. The killing site was described as “miked and amplified, with pickups riding the four fat coil springs at the corners and contact mikes taped at random to rusting machine fragments” (19). It also leaves on the floor are said to be “like a crazy metal sea as the protagonist meet, and booms and roars in a vertigo of sound” (20). The heaving floor and the sound that ooze from it reflects signs of death as depicted in culture defined technological shock.Effect the author of the narration uses the Millions to expose the cultural trap that strategically changes the assassin position in the hardware system. Through Millions, the author creates a case where the character is transformed from being a cyborg to…show more content…
As clearly exhibited through different cyborg character in the narration, they are defined with qualities that destabilize the normal interactions of organic organism. For example, they are defined by unstable identities. Millions sometimes conceals his real definition by assuming biological face. Unstable identity brings confusion as no one can differentiate between abstract and the real. The character of a cyborg is juxtaposed between these two concepts. Notable, human are characterized by a strong connection to nature that is they are born in natural way through mother-child relations. However, the birth of a cyborg does not subscribe to this process which means they cannot be defined by gender or any other attribute that defines human beings. Through this distinction between cyborg and normal human then the author of this story enables the readers to get the reality of culture that will dominate the pre-industrial setting. In most cases, pieces of literature are limited to experiences of the current context. However, this narration uses fiction to shows the world of advanced technologies that can only be understood and regulated by human

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