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Whittle 1 Johnny Cash once said, “Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight.” This statement pretty much sums up the lifestyle of Johnny Cash. Cash was an amazing singer and songwriter. I love his music, voice, and the stories he tells while singing his songs. Johnny Cash is one of my all time favorite musical artists. According to Current Biography Reference, Johnny Cash, full name John Ray Cash, was born on February 26,1932 near Kingsland, Arkansas. He grew up in Arkansas with his parents, Ray and Carrie Cash, and his six brothers and sisters. Cash’s father was a hardworking, poor farmer. At age fourteen, Johnny Cash began working as a water boy for two dollars and fifty cents a day (Current Biography Reference Bank 1). Johnny Cash was raised listening to Baptist hymns and traditional music, and at the early age of 12 he…show more content…
Bob Neal, Elvis’s manager, arranged for Johnny Cash to tour Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Then he began to tour all across the United States and some parts of Canada. The film Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison inspired Johnny Cash to write his next big hit, Folsom Prison Blues. By this point Johnny Cash was everywhere! He was on every television set and radio station. Then in 1956, Cash recorded I Walk the Line which eventually sold over one million copies. By 1958, Johnny Cash had written an estimated fifty songs (Current Biography Reference Bank 1). Johnny Cash had many highs and lows throughout his musical career. His lows mainly consisted of drug and alcohol addiction, which led to several arrests and time in rehab centers. However, Cash got out of his slump and wrote many more hit songs. He wrote a variety of songs and even said once,” I try to write songs that make sense to all kinds of people,” and that is just what he did. As a result, he received many awards for several of his songs (Current Biography Reference Bank

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