John Winthrop And Puritan Beliefs

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John Winthrop and his puritan colonists had disagreed with the Church of England because it only allowed one religion. Winthrop and a group of Puritans set out on a voyage to Massachusetts. Sins were the cause of some failures in the other colonies, and John Winthrop was a great persuader to help his followers pursue for their purity and forgiveness. The Puritans were tired of the Church of England going against God’s will, and being prosecuted for attempting to stand up for what they believed. So John Winthrop and his followers set sail to Massachusetts to be free and be pure from the Church of England. In Massachusetts the Puritans would be able to freely practice their own religion with God’s wills. The Puritans believed that someday the other colonies would be influenced by them and follow their beliefs and religion. This is why Winthrop and the Puritans fled England…show more content…
The Puritans suffered the wrath of God due to all of their sins, because God was ashamed of their actions and wrong doings. In order for the Puritans to receive God’s forgiveness it was required for them to become more pure and keep following his will in the way they had planned to do so when they first got to Massachusetts. God would not be upset with them if they did minor sins but would be upset and also punish them for their major sins. They needed to find ways to restore themselves and become better people. John Winthrop stated that the people of the colonies in fact were doing God’s wills and being loyal as well as good people there in Massachusetts. If they did not do what they were supposed to do and listen to God, he was going to punish them again and set them for failure. The puritans had to listen and try harder to be good towards God. They left England to go to the “Promise Land”, “New World” to practice their own religion so they would not fall back into the wrong doings back in

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