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The Daily Show: An Evolution to Political Television Shows Since 1999, Jon Stewart's show The Daily Show, a comedy television show, has been analyzing and impacting the national news. The Daily Show has been established as a trustworthy news show of the American culture and events. Backed up by Satire and ridiculousness, the show is has been a breakthrough in American Media. Due to its uniqueness of blending both news and comedy, The Daily Show has been the biggest threat to other news shows. Jon Stewart claimed that The Daily Show is a "fake news" show in order to avoid verbal attacks by other journalists news shows. In 2004 The Daily Show had a big impact on the American society to the point where it was the primary news show for people…show more content…
The show creates a debate about current events and it is made to challenge the opinions of their guest. Jon Stewart was talking to Begala and Carlson as if he is one of the viewers. This is what makes Jon Stewart unique, he doesn't express his point view, he talks as if he represents the people of the United States. In the middle of the interview he said "we need help from the media, and they are hurting us." In this statement he uses "us" to represent him and a majority of the people in the United States. Moreover Jon Stewart always appeared as a strong figure while still using comedy to reach out to his audience even in Crossfire which it's viewers watch it for its seriousness. In the episode of Crossfire Carlson told Stewart "you're a good comedian, I think your lectures are boring." Instead of attacking Carlson, Stewart said "you are 35 and you wear a bowtie." Everyone laughs, but then Stewart tell him " I'm not suggesting that you are not a smart guy, because these are not easy to tie." Everyone laughs including Carlson, this is an example of how Stewart's Satire does not attack anyone he just makes fun of them by their characteristics or mistakes they have

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