The Artistic Turnabout Analysis

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The Artistic Turnabout Sky walked into The courtroom and seated herself onto one of the seats available. It was her first court case on her own and her first murder trial she worked on. Usually she would work on robbery cases and had help from her old boss. However, she left the old law office a few months ago and opened her law office. Sky wouldn’t have taken this case, but there were circumstances that made her choose to take the case. The defendant, Taylor Ericson walked towards Sky. Taylor Ericson was a popular artist who was a participant of the art show in a museum, where the murder took place. Taylor was Sky’s friend in middle and high school. After hearing that Taylor had been arrested, Sky knew that she had to defend Taylor. Sky knew that it was not in Taylor’s…show more content…
Taylor Ericson.” The judge announced. “ Is the defense and prosecution ready?” the judge inquired. “Yes, your honor,” Sky answered. “Of course.” Freddie answered confidently. “Very well.” the judge mumbled.” Now will the prosecution give the opening statements.” the judge ordered. “ Of course.” Freddie began. “ A few days ago an art fair was set up for three days at the Sunshine Museum. The defendant and the victim were both participants of the art fair. The curator stated that an award would be awarded for the best artist on the third day. On the third day the victim named Artie Tiste was found murdered in the convention hall. The cause of death was a hit over the head with a hammer. We found out that he would of been awarded with the award. After an investigation, we arrested the defendant.” Freddie explained. “Ok.” The judge murmured. “I would like to call the defendant to the witness stand.” Freddie ordered. Taylor walked to the stand. “Name and occupation please.” Freddie asked. “I’m Taylor Ericson. I am an artist and a participant of the art fair.” Taylor

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