Broken Wrist Fracture Case Study

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Broken (Colles fractured) wrist Overview- The wrist fracture is a common accident favoured by physical activity in young and the ' osteoporosis in the elderly. The wrist is very complex joint that connects the forearm (radius and ulna) with your hand. And essentially it formed by a double row of small bones called carpal bones which are articulated together to stabilize the' articulation and allow a wide range of movements. Although there are other bones in the wrist that can get injured, as the scaphoid, the fracture usually involves the distal forearm. Particularly when a wrist fracture do so at the level of epiphysis distal radius. Causes- • The most common cause of fracture of the radius is the fall at arm's length. • Pathological conditions such as osteoporosis (a disease in which bones lose their mineral…show more content…
These occurrences can determine trauma that leads to the breakdown of the wrist. The use of guardians like the one shown in the figure below, during sports physical activity in risk of falls sports such as snowboarding or skating, drastically reduces the likelihood of fractures of the radius and ulna. Symptoms- Its symptoms include- • local swelling and tenderness • the pain appears or is accentuated with movements of the wrist • sometimes it presents a certain joint deformity • In less severe cases, pain and swelling are reduced. The fracture of the wrist can therefore be confused with a simple distortion; it is therefore recommended to perform an X-ray even though the symptoms are not pronounced. • If the X-rays showed a fracture of the wrist, this will go magazine carefully to assess the position and stability of the bone fragments. Based on radiographic examination results, possibly supported by a CT scan or a resonance, you decide the most appropriate treatment to cure the

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