John Grisham's Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

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This week I started reading Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer written by John Grisham. A boy named Theodore Boone also known as Theo has parents who work as lawyers. Theo has a strong ambition of becoming a lawyer in the future and has a lot of knowledge on past cases and bank related things. April’s (Theo’s friend) parents were divorcing and she seemed anxious because she didn’t want to live with either of her parents. Theo loathed them for the way they treated April. Theo also got seats for his Government class to watch the first day of the trial for Mr. Duffy’s murder case. Theo’s parents, Mr and Mrs. Boone are lawyer partners, but they are disparate. Mr. Boone is untidy and negligent, where Mrs. Boone is neat and judicious. A shy boy named Sandy tells Theo that his family has a foreclosure. Theo explains to Sandy what procedure the family has to go through when they have a foreclosure. Every Monday, Theo goes to Ike’s (his uncle) house to spend time with him. Ike did something really appalling which got him stripped from his license.…show more content…
One of them was circumstantial. Circumstantial means that the evidence is indirect or obscure. The main character, Theo clearly explained it by giving specific examples. Whenever the character talks about some court based term, the author makes sure to explain what it means so that the reader can learn while enjoying. I’m inferring that Ike must have done something to Mr. Doone that got him disbarred. I came to this conclusion after discovering that Ike never talks about Mr.Doone nor does Ike mention his name. I’m predicting that Mr. Duffy will be claimed innocent because Mr. Hogan, the prosecutor has no direct evidence that Mr. Dubby is guilty of his wife's

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