Summary Of The Book 'Trackers' By Patrick Carmen

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Could you imagine being in an interview for one of the worlds biggest crimes, by just trying to help save the world? All of this happens in Trackers, by Patrick Carmen. This book is about a team of trackers that get involved with crime as they just play the game of the glyphmaster. At first the main tracker, Adam thinks that it may be a company like Microsoft so he does not tell anyone and continues interacting with these mystery people. He later finds out who these people are and gets in a wad of trouble by just trying to crack the code of the glyphmaster. Will Adam keep digging deeper until they get busted or will he just end it here? The team of trackers is made up of Finn, Adam, Emily, and Lewis. The trackers always stick together so they are always at Adam’s house or in the vault. The vault is where Adam hides all of his inventions and electronics. The vault is so secret that on page 25 paragraph five he talks about only letting the investigator in the vault. The trackers are the best computer team in the world. After playing on the internet they get Lazlo and Zara on their hands. They hide everything from Adam’s dad. They tell investigators at the very end of the story.…show more content…
Adam alone gets involved with some of the greatest evil villains on the internet, Lazlo and Zara. They are in charge of the Raymond Code. The Raymond Code is a key to anything on the internet, military, government secrets, all the money in the world, and anything else. On page 113, paragraph four Adam states, “The Raymond key is like the key to the backdoor of the internet, you can do anything but know one will ever catch you.” They trick Adam into activating it, and with the Raymond Code in his possession he has all the power in the world but chooses not to mess anything up, but on the line is his friends lives and his

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