Vimy Ridge Significance

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Canada’s role at the Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first key step in Canada’s road to independence. It is a battle regarded for its symbolism as it helped develop a unique identity amongst Canadians and put Canada on the map as a true and capable fighting force. Canada encountered a turning point in Canadian military history when Arthur Currie was appointed as military general on April 9, 1917 - It was through his rigorous and extensive preparation that led to great confidence amongst soldiers. Germany, one of the leading military forces at the time had an upper hand as the gradual slopes on the Ridge favoured them, however, it proved to be only a miniscule obstacle for the Canadian soldiers as only three days later, they managed to capture the”Pimple”, marking the end of this bloodshed filled battle. It was here that Canada gained international recognition for their brave, successful efforts…show more content…
This was an unprecedented step towards independence as Canada was now able to exert control over foreign policy decisions separate from Britain which increased Canada’s worldwide prestige (, n.d.). It is because of this symbolic seat that Canada was able to win yet another seat at the League of Nations in

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