Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer

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Law Book Report Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer is a legal thriller written by John Grisham, 263 pages long, and printed and copyrighted in 2010. The book is about a thirteen year old boy named Theodore Boone, who is a law fanatic. He is the only child of two lawyers, with the father being a marital lawyer and his mother a real estate lawyer. Theodore is well-known amongst his classmates as a genius when it comes to the court, with many claiming that he could become one as is. His knowledge of law is good enough that he helps his classmates with legal advice, from explaining a child’s right in a divorce case and helping another whose brother was charged with marijuana possession. He is also very familiar with all of the judges in the area, with the judges allotting special appointments to see him when he’s visiting. With the special privileges that came with being close to the judges, he was able to reserve seats for his class to observe a murder trial going on at the court. The defendant was Pete Duffy, on trial with charges of first degree murder and manslaughter for the killing of his wife. Though the prosecution believes firmly that Pete is guilty, their suspicions are based solely on circumstantial evidence, and as such the defense is able to create doubt in the jurors. Theodore…show more content…
This is after the prosecution fails to provide enough evidence to prove Duffy guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to charge him with murder, and the freedom of a guilty man seems inevitable. However, with Judge Gantry’s declaration of a mistrial, the confident face on Duffy’s face vanishes, and instead his “jaw dropped to his chest…the lawyers on both sides appeared to have been hit between the eyes, all staggering as they tried to understand what they had just heard (257)”. Though the book wasn’t all too great, seeing the arrogant man who thought he had already won lose face like that was quite

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