Brief Summary Of The Film 'Dirty Wars'

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Although America prides themselves on freedom, democracy and anti-terror, the documentary “Dirty Wars” reveals how the U.S. government takes away freedom, democracy and participates in terrorism. The media cosigns the government’s wrong doings and helps the governments hide their dirty laundry. Jeremy Scahill’s mission is to reveal to American citizens what their government is capable of. This documentary is a series of personal testimonies from victims’ families across the nations. The U.S. special operations unit JSOC has been a secret military force since 1980. They are a “special unit force”. They have ambushed over a few dozen towns, and killed over a thousand innocent bystanders. The very thing that the U.S. has fought in wars for and defended countries for is the very thing that JSOC is ordered to do from the commander in chief; acts of terrorism. In Gardez a U.S trained officer was murdered along with…show more content…
In Gardez, Somalia and Yemen there were attacks made by the U.S. with no explanation to the people of these poor towns or even to the U.S People. The law gives the president the power to declare war and occupy an area upto 60 days without any congress intervention or need to know. The president is in its jurisdiction since it would be a hit and run. They wouldn’t occupy an area more than a day. In Yemen there was an attack and unlike Gardez the U.S forces didn’t clean up their mess. They left their drones there leaving evidence that the U.S is attacking with no probable cause. And yet still have no explanation of why they dropped drones and killed over 150 innocent women and children. JSOC is increasing American enemies with the killing of innocent people. JSOC has went from 40 targets to 75 targets and that number will only increase as the Americans starts to add more enemies to its

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