John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address

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On January 20, 1961 the 35th President of the United States was sworn in. On this day a riveting speech was made that would resonate in the hearts of many Americans and people across the globe. In 1961, there were a number of things going on internationally and even on our home front. In the United States racial tensions were running at an all-time high, many citizens were suffering from social inequalities. All the while we were fighting the cold war and trying to protect the nation from weapons of mass destruction from abroad. At this point the American people needed a strong leader to come and reinforce the idea that we were all going to be okay. John F. Kennedy provided reassurance to countless Americans who were at a loss of hope by delivering…show more content…
Kennedy arguably delivered one of the best speeches of the twentieth century. Kennedy won the election by a very small margin one of the smallest in history he was also the youngest president to step foot into office. This speech was very important for Kennedy he needed this speech to make the American people see that he was a strong leader despite his age. The traditions for an Inaugural Address is very clear and well defined. The Inaugural Address is typically supposed to unify the nation and give insight towards the future. These speeches are supposed to be well articulated, and euphonious to the ears. Kennedy’s speech captured all of these ideas in a sublime manner(approach). Although Kennedy’s speech was eloquent it had many more elements to the speech that were simply amazing such as his call for unity, his vision for american foreign policy, and his vision to defend the freedom and liberty across the globe. John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address was written with a purpose. It was designed to resonate in the hearts of every one who was listening. President John F. Kennedy directs this speech to different groups of his audience. He is speaking directly to the citizens of the United States, to our allies, and our foes. Kennedy was able to deliver a speech that reached out to the entire nation, and complete this task in a way that was eloquent and captivating. He included rhetorical devices that made the speech much more emotionally
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