John F Kennedy Conformity Vs Individuality

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Conformity vs. Individuality: What we want for ourselves “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth” John F Kennedy, this quote was made from a very famous and well received president John F Kennedy. This quote from John F Kennedy is trying to say that since conformity wants everyone and everything to be the same that it does not allow anyone to be different because if they are different they are treated differently and society likes to call these people “freaks.” There is a little tiny line that separates conformity and individuality and most people just want to fit in and go towards the side of conformity but once they go on that side they go so far away from the line and being somewhat a human being that they have…show more content…
But conformity can be very dangerous not always but sometimes it can be. It can make people not think for themselves and only act if someone else acts first. Like the smoke-filled room experiment, when study participants were placed into a room with three or more other people who just sat in the smoke-filled room. The participants just sat there and did not move because they were waiting on someone else to act first so they are not thought differently of. This is an example of a very dangerous conformity that could happen and that is why people should not be like everyone else. Like the “Leopard man” in his article, “The Sociology of Leopard Man” who Logan Feys (the author) said he was a “no ordinary freak.” Leopard man is a man who has the world record of being tattooed from head to toe in leopard spots. But many other people who are individuality have created a lot of stuff to help the entire world like: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Martin Luther King Jr, and many other people stood up from the normal conformity to be different and be individual and change the world forever and they will be remembered…show more content…
Conformity is the act of doing what others do because it’s popular and it’s needed because it gives people who are too shy or too awkward to meet and greet new people on their own, so if she loves to do something they can go to a club or something to meet new people and conform to what they do and now they have friends. Conformity can also make things popular that would never be popular like the swegway, when it first came out no one knew about it or anything. But some famous viners bought some and now it's so popular it’s crazy. Everyone is trying to buy them because they want to be like that person on their phone or tv. Samething goes with clothes, joggers were not that popular either when they came out, but some people wore them and know everyone's wearing them. I think people need a nice balance between being a nonconformist and being a conformist because in this life people need to interact with other people to live a normal life. But sometimes people don’t want to follow this rule and they act upon society but when they do the people are treated as “freaks” and are laughed at and made fun

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