Canadian Adolescence: Influences Of Popular Culture And Media

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Canadian adolescence refers to the period between childhood and adulthood individual's experience. In the Canadian context this transitional period is when adolescents are in the movement from one stage of life to another. This is a movement that involves the birth of a child and the death of the adult. The birth and death of an individual are stages that can be potentially a release of joy and resist. When applying these stages into adolescence is can be describes as a form of adjustment to conformity and rebellious behaviour. Adolescence period becomes more of a cultural movement rather than period of life. Adolescence is filled with qualities and punishments that act on knowledge of expectations and fear adolescent individuals have over…show more content…
Popular culture and media indicate that adolescents reflect on aspects of life that must take on responsibilities and adapt to the change of lifestyle from adolescence to adulthood. Marketing adolescence uses popular culture and media to help control the imagery of adolescence. Popular culture is Facebook updates or Instagram followers that document lives in the social world. Teenagers navigate their reality towards their interaction of media - books, advertisements, etc - that requires an awareness with the varied cultural resources that adolescents consume. Corporations use adolescence as a marketing strategy to make young people as possessions of popular culture. Adolescence has become an "advertiser's dream", as it identified as a group with disposable income and no financial responsibilities. Teenagers are considered a group that unknowingly will purchase stuff, which labialises them as a consumption group. Popular culture has the power to enforce an image that every gender will act on through the consumption of materials. This consumption will define them and what it is to be their specific sex. This is where teenagers start to obsess over

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