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Temple Hayes on When Did You Die Death is a natural part of life. Didn’t someone say we start dying the moment we were born? But even if this is a fact of life, and no matter how prepared you are, the death of a loved one or when you're lying at your deathbed will always come as a surprise. But would you believe that you're either growing or dying throughout your existence? At least this is what temple Hayes, author of when did you die?: 8 steps to avoid dying every day and start waking up, is trying to help us realize. As her message of hope goes, "it's time to stop dying a bit every day and start embracing the God who created us". Who is Temple Hayes? Before she became an author that would join the ranks of Joel Osteen and Brene Brown, temple…show more content…
Life wasn't exactly easy for her. she was living in a home where love and compassion are nonexistent and violence and neglect are everywhere. But her sorry lot in life isn't the only thing that made her an authority to write about what she calls "near life" experiences - " the times you did not bring all of your life and vital energy to an experience. These are the times you almost saw the light". Temple Hayes started dying when she was just a little girl. She was disgraced by her favorite aunt because she chose to disagree with her. She was shamed by a teacher for wanting to be original. She was ostracized for welcoming black kids their classes. But the worst experience was when she tried to explain her beliefs on new thought metaphysics the only way a five-year old can, only to be turned away. This may have something to do with the fact that people find it hard to accept that a little girl already had her first mystical experience, when adults have been searching for it all their lives. Moreover, she was born at a time when women are not allowed have to hold leadership roles or become a minister, which is what temple Hayes wanted to

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