Job Payment Vs. Job Satisfaction

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When it comes to seeking happiness from work, the analogy is quite simple; get a job that you love and work your way up to earning a lot. But is life really that simple? At a time when options are limited, can people really get the best both the worlds? And if not which is the key to happiness – a high salary or job satisfaction? But first of all, who agree with this statement, that salary is just something you get once every month. Job satisfaction keeps you happy every minute. Hello everyone! It is often argued that it is more advantages to choose a job with high salary even it doesn’t appeal to you at all. I completely disagree with this opinion and think that job satisfaction is much more important than high salary. It is because…show more content…
Jobs play an important role in the aspect of life. An average workers spend a great deal of his or her time in their workplace. When you love your job, you will not find any reason to get up early in the morning and leave for work. People who enjoy their job are always looking forward to go to their workplace every morning. If you enjoy doing your job, you are more likely to obtain prosper in your career. You might not earn a huge amount of salary in the beginning, but throughout your passion and determination for your profession ,it will ultimately take you places. On the other hand, if you are in a career that you despise, you are more likely do not have the motivation to go to work. This lack of interest will limit the chances of your professional growth. In this way, it would be best to continue doing what you love. Based on study by Harvard University in 2012, they found that stress may lead to heart disease and depression in 40% of employees. Working over something that you love might removes all of this stress. Moving to the end, satisfaction in job is when you are willing to give everything to the job that you…show more content…
The tendency of people to flourish is higher when they enjoy doing things that they like or even the jobs that can build up their strengths. Hence, it become a self-reward to them. Employees who derive meaning from their work are more than three times as likely to stay with their organization-the highest single impact of any other survey variable that have been tested. They also report 1.7 times higher job satisfaction and 1.4 times more engaged at work. Having a favourable job is equal to doing a recreational activity. It freshen up the mind and help to rebuild the spiritual state of the job owner. People will never feel tired while doing their hobbies. Inversely, by being involved in what they really enjoy, they will become more creative. In this way, the chance of making improvement and even earning extra money seems to be reachable indirectly it give reward to yourself. To sum up, job satisfaction is important as it a self-reward as you can pursue a meaningful

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